Lease Forms

ATC provides lease packets to landlords for a small fee. These forms were developed so that landlords have access to applications, leases, move-in and move-out inventories, and security deposit refund forms that protect the landlord’s financial interests without unnecessarily impinging on the tenant’s rights. Included in the cost are copies of brochures describing tenant-landlord rights and responsibilities. Landlords receive a free copy of our quarterly newsletter, Housing Rights Advocate.

Eligibility: Unrestricted.

Fees: Lease packets cost $20 for the first one purchased and $10 thereafter. Cash or check only.

Procedures: Lease packets are available at 1640-B East 2nd Street, Suite 150. For more information, call 512-474-7006.

Austin Tenants’ Council • 1640-B East 2nd Street • Austin, TX 78702 • 512.474.7006