Volunteers Needed!

Austin Tenants' Council is seeking spirited volunteers to assist with the preparation of our quarterly newsletter for a bulk mailing distribution. Our newsletter is a significant publication providing essential educational information to tenants throughout Texas.

If you need to satisfy required volunteer hours, we will happily provide documented proof of your work. Please Contact Daniel Armendariz at 512-474-7007 ext. 102 or daniel@housing-rights.org if interested.

Housing Rights Advocate

Austin Tenants’ Council, a community-based non-profit housing rights organization, seeks committed volunteers and interns to staff the telephone counseling line. Through ATC’s telephone counseling line, thousands of callers per year receive basic information about landlords and tenants’ rights and responsibilities under Texas law.

No knowledge of housing issues or landlord/tenant law is required, and comprehensive training is provided. Advocates should possess great phone skills and a dedication to client-centered service. As these calls are very short, advocates need to be able to think fast in order to triage, educate, and refer clients quickly. Basic computer skills and proficiency in conversational Spanish are a plus.

Individuals with an interest in public policy, public affairs, or housing law may be especially interested in this opportunity, as would those interested in developing their community outreach, case management or counseling skills.

Time commitment: One three-hour shift per week

To apply, send an email detailing your interest and availability to: Juliana@housing-rights.org.

Fair Housing Testers

Fight housing discrimination! The Austin Tenants’ Council needs your help in gathering information about housing practices in Austin. Volunteers are needed who can objectively gather and report information about the availability of housing while posing as a prospective renter or homebuyer. Testers receive training and a stipend for completed tests along with reimbursement for actual costs such as mileage.

Fair housing testing provides an objective means to determine whether prospective renters or buyers are treated differently in violation of the Fair Housing Act. Testers are matched based on income, credit history, and other factors relevant to the home buying or leasing process. The seven protected classes identified under the Fair Housing Act are race, color, national origin, sex (including sexual harassment), religion, disability, and familial status.

Watch our video to learn more about the importance of fair housing testing.

Read our brochure, What Is Fair Housing Testing?

Call 512-474-7007 to become a fair housing tester.

Cooperating Attorney Referral Program

Through the ATC Cooperating Attorney Referral Program, hundreds of tenants in our community have received quality legal services from local attorneys who are dedicated to assisting low-income individuals and families in housing-related cases. ATC refers two types of cases to our participating attorneys: tenant-landlord complaints and Fair Housing Act discrimination cases.

To continue this crucial service to our community, ATC needs your help. We need attorneys interested in representing clients who allege to have been treated inappropriately under the Fair Housing Act or the Texas Property Code.

The ATC Cooperating Attorney Referral Program is not a pro bono referral listing. However, ATC asks that you do not charge clients an hourly fee, but obtain your payment from either a percentage of the recovery or any statutory attorney’s fees. Participation in the ATC Cooperating Attorney Referral Program does not commit you to take a case referred to you by ATC. It is always within your discretion to decline representation to a client referred to you.

For more details on participating in the Cooperating Attorney Referral Program, call 512-474-7006.

This service is certified as a lawyer referral service as required by the State of Texas under Chapter 952, Occupations Code.

Austin Tenants’ Council • 1640-B East 2nd Street • Austin, TX 78702 • 512.474.7006